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Full Version: Terratec USB-S device
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The flowing items specify how to use the driver to test the Cinergy s usb Box on Mac OS X 10.4
●Platform and file list
●How to test

1.Platform and file list:
File list : folder Cinergy S USB.kext (versin 1.0.0d1)
Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.x on Intel-based Mac computers.

2. How to test it.
a. open a terminal .
b. copy the ‘Cinergy S USB.kext’ to /tmp:
sudo cp –R Cinergy S USB.kext /tmp

c. change the directory to /tmp:
cd /tmp

d. load the driver .
sudo kextload –t Cinergy S USB.kext

e.plug in the device, use ‘USB Prober’ tool to check.

a. This driver is binary universal driver, it can work both on Intel-based Mac and PowerPC-based computer. But not test it on PowerPC-based computer. And it only can work on Mac OS X 10.4.x or abve.
b. It integrates MultiMedia Input Family driver , we can test it without MMInputFamily
c. It only supports iTele now , and EyeTV in the future.
d. Need remote control to be support?
e. DisEqC command is supportted by the flowing code:
bool Cinergy_S_USB::tune( OSDictionary * params )
unsigned char cmd[256];
unsigned long clen;
OSData * diseqcSendOb;
If((diseqcSendOb=OSDynamicCast(OSData, params->getObject( "DiSEqCSend" ) )) != NULL)
clen = diseqcSendOb->getLength();
if (clen == 0 || clen > 256)
return false;

for (uint i = 0; i < clen; i++)
cmd[i] = *(unsigned char*)diseqcSendOb->getBytesNoCopy( i, 1 );

if(clen <=256 && clen > 0)
well maybe i'm just blind or to dumb to search but where can i get this kext? huh.gif
tia, BoNeS
terratec DVB-S USB Box support eyetv player
maybe you can download the software frome here

Terratec Cingey S USB EyeTV UI
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