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Full Version: Help with the last couple steps
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ThE JafF
I think I am almost to the end of my setup, but just can't seem to figure out the rest. If there is a manual detailing the functions of HIP, I would love to read it, as I know I could probably make it even more useful in other areas.. for now I would settle for just a few pointers.

My setup is similar to some I have seen mentioned. I have XP MCE 2005, though I don't use Media Center at all..

I have a HTPC setup consisting of a Samsung HLN DLP television, a Kenwood amp, and a comcast (cisco RNG-110) cable box.

I am attempting to make use of an ATI Remote Wonder II, and a USB-uirt.. I also have at my disposal a MCE remote, but have had nothing but trouble with the MCE receiver module as an output device, so I would prefer to use the USB-uirt in that regard. But its there for testing purposes or an alternative if necessary...

Steps taken so far:

I was able to get the ATI remote functioning with its own driver

I was able to get the generic device added in HIP and got the ATI remote functioning

In the ATI remote driver I specified that the mouse functionality NOT be sent to HIP, allowing me to continue using the stock mouse functions, and this seems to work just fine (movement, left, right, etc)

I was able to select VLC as the first application in HIP and have verified that the ATI remote controls functions like play, stop, pause, etc when VLC is the application of focus.

I was able to select the USB-uirt as the IR output device.

I was able to use the USB-uirt use to learn all of the desired IR functions of the various remotes I have, though I had a little trouble with the comcast remote, and may want to resort to getting those functions added in via a pronto ccf file (if I can find one).

THAT is where I stand.

The few last steps are probably trivial, though I cannot figure out how to make them happen.

Essentially I can't figure out how to link the functions I want to use (the learned IR commands) with buttons on the ATI remote. I am happy with using simply the VCR type controls of VLC and nothing more (except perhaps a full-screen toggle and aspect ratio button), but want the rest of the buttons to control my external AV equipment via IR commands.

Other questions and issues:

From what I have read I assume this last step is done through area where VLC is selected for instance as application 1... but what application would i select to control IR commands? Do I select an application at all? I am confused, as I thought I needed to select "add value" to begin this process, and the first thing it asks is to press a key... but the functions I wish to add (IR) will not have a KEY associated with them. A press of the key on the ATI remote that I wish to assign the IR command to, such as VOL+ does nothing at this stage, so I assume that isn't what it is looking for.. but I have no idea how to proceed.

What does the "select default actions to include" button do?

My big ATI button seems to function like the green button on a MCE remote and it opens up Windows Media Center. I do not want it to, and can't figure out how to get it to stop doing this.

There is mention of defining a HIP control key. What does this do, and do I need this for something? I am imagining this might be what I want to use that ATI button for mentioned in the last question if I can get it to stop opening Wmedia Center..

If you made it this far, thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

ThE JafF
ThE JafF
Ok, an update.. I for once has a snow day, and have been able to poke at this all day.. What I found was that the ATI remote driver program was interfering with HIP, as the media center functions were not disabled as I thought.

Where this leaves me is that my issue of media player popping up when I hit the ATI button is gone, and remote button presses DO now open up the dialog to assign commands to that button press, so I am ALMOST THERE!!!

The problem is that I want to assign an IR command, and this button doesn't seem to do anything. I press it and nothing happens. I am not sure how to enter it in manually, as I have seen in some posts for stringing together multiple IR commands.. e.g. {?15.001}{*500}{?13.001}

I really do have like inches left here.. its driving me crazy, but I am almost salivating at the result. Any help would be most appreciated.
ThE JafF
Ok, so I didn't realize you can simply input the commands right in the primary command and secondary command fields. Unfortunately HIP doesn't seem to actually send these commands. The USB-uirt has an LED on the front which blinks whens a command is sent.

When I am in the section to define the IR commands, hitting test actually sends the command (it works) and the LED blinks. Unfortunately trying to enter the commands in the Primary/secondary section, nothing is sent. Nothing happens, no LED, no functions... nothing. Even opening up the keyboard section where it lists the function of "send ir", that does nothing as well.

I know that it can work, as I have gotten the keypress (power button on ATI remote) to register in attempting to define this function. In defining the IR functions, I can test them, and they work. I just can't link the two functions.

I am unsure where to go here now. Up until now, while I didn't know the answers, there were at least things to try.. now I am out of things to try as well.

Perhaps I am just referring to the IR commands incorrectly? I enclose them in the brackets with a ? before the number listed next to the function I wish to send when I defined the IR command correct? Such as:


Or say in this case, say I wanted to string together turning on my television and amplifier with a 500ms delay between, it would be:


Does this seem correct? Not sure why my numbers look so huge compared to others I have seen.. but they work in the IR definition area. Anyway, that is all I have.. I am keeping such an extensive dialog about this so that hopefully my problems will benefit someone else with similar issues.. I hope it isn't too exhausting.. 8^)

ThE JafF
Ok, I MAY have tracked down where my problem is. Because it appears to be an issue with how the program is responding, I understandably couldn't figure it out...

From the Help file:

"To send an IR Command, open up the Keyboard Editor and select the Send IR button. Depending on the type of output device, you will be either presented with a list of commands or instructed to press the key on the remote. Once selected the key is represented in a special format in the command and will be executed when the keyboard command is sent."

Nothing is happening when I select "Send IR"

That is exactly where I should be able to select the command I wish to send, though this isn't happening for some reason. I assume HIP, or at least this portion of HIP just doesn't realize the USB-uirt is there.. and so even when entering the command in manually, I am getting no action.

This appears like it could be an error, because as I mentioned before, in the learn IR section, the device functions perfectly fine to both learn and send commands.

So finally I have whittled this down to a legitimate issue..

ThE JafF
Ok, in the interest of contributing to the community, I have solved my own problem.. hopefully this will help someone..

My mistake was in attempting to enter the information in the wrong area. Instead of attempting to enter it under the option of: "Select Default Actions to Include", it needed to be done by selecting> File/preferences/Alternative Input/ and finally Add Value.

From there, things worked as expected.

I can now complete my configuration.... Without this snow day, I would never have had the time to figure it out..
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