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Full Version: HIP stops working at random times...
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I’m using HIP with MCE remote and XP and occasionally the remote stops working.

I press the windows key on the keyboard to bring up the taskbar and HIP is minimised in the taskbar (big icon on left rather that small icon on right).

When I click on the minimised icon the taskbar hides and HIP starts working.

Does anyone know what’s going on and if there a fix that doesn’t involve the mouse and keyboard.

I am not sure why this is happening. I will investigate.
This happens to me also. It started randomly disabling itself after I upgraded to version 4, and the problem persists even since I downgraded to version 3. The icon turns from green to gray, and I have to click the icon and select "0. Enable". Very annoying.
It turns to gray by itself? Can you make sure you do not have an Command anywhere is the system or schedule that disables Hip?
Well, there's nothing in my scheduler and I didn't even know there was a command in HiP to disable it. I'm trying to pinpoint when it happens and if I did anything particular at the time, but it's hard since I never really notice that the icon has turned grey until I try using the remote.
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