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DVB Owners Discussion Forum - _ HIP _ HIP Media Player Classic Focus Problem

Posted by: Altainta Nov 28 2010, 02:12 AM

I am new user before this i was using Girder 3.2 (the free version) with Igorplug usb
Now i got to know the beyond HIP works with Igorplug USB remote
After configuring everything the remote was working fien with Media Player classic but when my Firewall Message Popped up it Lost focus (this happen often when some one scan port)

There is only one way i can get the focus back by using the HIP Menu I would like to know a function like 'SET FOCUS' as in Girder 3.2 window section.
Kindly help after reading the forum post i only got this info

1.this can be done using PostMessage But how to send and what to send ?
2.Any function like Set Focus available in HIP?
3.Also how to Find the PostMessage codes for any application ?

I don't want a Workaround for my situation i want a solution for it so that in future i do not face the same problem with any other apps

Config :
Media Player classic - Home cinema 1.4.2689.0
HIP version -
OS- Windows Xp Sp3

PS : My XBMC is also not functioning. The remote is not working on XBMC but when i use Girder 3.2 it works okay.. Why so
I read the forum and got to know that the xbmc is not a active window. So how to make HIP work with XBMC
I also read that it need System key I tried but didn't work How to make it work ?

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