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Posting Guidelines
This thread is a set of rules, based on the Forum Rules, originally posted on Whirlpool (hey why bother re-inventing the wheel).

Section 1 - Posting Behaviour
- Foul Language (Swearing)
- Inappropriate Material
- Quoting and Referencing Sources
- For Sale and Wanted to Buy
- SPAM and Business Advertising
- Crossposting
- Signatures

Section 2 - Abuse, Insults and Personal Attacks
- Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Religious Intolerance
- Defamation and Libel

Section 3 - Moderation Policies
- Censorship & Freedom of Speech
- Post Deletion
- Thread Deletion
- Thread Closure
- Moderation Explanations
- Problems with Mods

Section 1 - Posting Behaviour

The following rules apply to post contents, thread titles, quips, usernames, etc.

Foul Language (Swearing)

This forum is a web site open to all ages, and we would like it to stay that way. As such, please try to write without swearing - it is possible, and it is possible to display the intended amount of emotion without swearing.

Inappropriate Material

Discussion of Warez is completely unacceptable. This includes discussions about where to get it, links to sites that have it, and discussions about how much of it you might have.

Any posts or threads of this nature will be deleted without hesitation and authors of such posts or threads may face banning for a period.

This includes asking for recordings of TV programs.

Offensive Websites
This forum is open to people of all races, religion and ages, so links to websites containing offensive or unacceptable material such as foul language, inappropriate images (images of a violent or pornographic nature), racial vilification (hate sites), warez links, etc are completely unacceptable.

If in the context of a post you must include a link to a website which contains a justifiable amount of bad language or other material - but which is otherwise appropriate - attach a note stating that the link contains such material. Any posts made without such warning will be deleted without question.

Personal Details and Private Conversations
The posting of an individual's personal details is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes posting details of political figures, people that have wronged you, etc.

Likewise, the posting of private correspondence (emails, etc) is also not permitted. There is no way to verify the validity of the contents, and this result in potential legal issues for the poster.

The posting of IRC / ICQ / MSN / Yahoo / etc logs is not permitted, mainly because there is no way to verfiy the validity of the logs, and they often contain content unsuitable for these forums (swearing, warez, etc).

Quoting and Referencing Sources

Referencing Sources
If you need to quote material from an outside source, due credit must be given to that source. For example, if you post a quote from a news story, you should also include the URL for the complete story.

Taking material written by someone else, and posting it without citing the source, or claiming it as your own work, is considered plagiarism. Any instances of plagiarism noted on this forum will result in immediate removal of the offending posts and possible suspension of posting privileges.

Copyright and Over Quoting
Quoting a whole article is not only unnecessary, it can also breach copyright laws. If you wish people to comment on an article or news post, please include a link to the article, and only quote one or two relevant sections that highlight your point.

For Sale and Wanted to Buy
Sorry, but For Sale and Wanted threads are not allowed. The reasons for this have mainly to do with questions of legal liability, which we would prefer to avoid. As such, please use an established online auction site like eBay.com.au. Please don't create a post to point at your online auction either.

Spam and Business Advertising

Spam Posts and Threads
Posting threads or posts that promote your business (whatever that maybe) are not allowed. You are of course allowed to respond to questions about products, etc., but please refrain from posting URLs and prices.

Posting the same thread in more than one forum is not appropriate. If you can't decide which forum to post it a particular thread in, just choose the one that most closely matches and see how you go.

If you don't think you are getting the right answers, ask a mod to move the thread to a more appropriate lounge at some later point.

Please note that posting new threads in multiple forums saying "Come look at thread " is also not permitted, as it is considered crossposting.

Signatures which contain images or commercial links are not allowed. These can be removed without notice.

Section 2 - Abuse, Insults and Personal Attacks

Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Religious Intolerance
This forum is open to people from any race, sex, age or religion, and intolerance of other people's beliefs, culture, sex or age is unacceptable.

Defamation and Libel
Please be aware that posts made on forum sites such as this can be considered libellous, if the goal of such a posting is to damage the reputation of an individual or company.

Defamation has been traditionally divided into two separate categories - libel and slander. The major practical difference between them is that in an action for libel, the plaintiff does not need to show financial loss to recover

The tort of defamation prevents publication of material which `tends to injure the personal, professional, trade or business reputation of an individual or a company, to expose them to ridicule or to cause people to avoid them'
The essence of a defamation action is damage to reputation, not that the publication was untrue, or

that it infringed on the privacy of the plaintiff.

Section 3 - Moderation Policies

Censorship & Freedom of Speech
Under Australian law, the only protected form of speech is that of a political nature, and even then, it's only protected from governmental interference. Private entities can not, by definition, be guilty of censorship. This is a private web site - owned and operated by an individual.

In short, you have no "freedom of speech" on this forum, nor is the cry of "censorship" at all valid.

In the interest of fairness and balance, as well as to help focus and improve quality of discussion, there is a team of moderators who have the ability to remove posts and threads from the public eye.

There are many legitimate reasons for a moderator to remove comments, which are outlined elsewhere in this thread.

Post Deletion
Posts can and will be deleted if they have breach any of the rules outlined above.

Thread Deletion
Typically, threads are deleted when they fall into one of the following categories:

- Pointless - the thread contributes no value to the forum;
- Crosspost - the thread was posted to more than one forum;
- Flame baiting - the goal of the thread is to flame or start a fight;
- Duplicate - there is already a thread on the same or very similar topic;
- Off topic - not just for the forum it was posted in, but off topic for the forum;
- Spam - the thread was advertising for a business or was thinly disguised market research;
- For Sale or Wanted to Buy the thread was posted to ask for offers for buying or selling something (please use eBay or some other auction site); or
- Warez - see notes about unacceptable material above

Threads which do not fall exactly into one of the above categories, but are deemed inappropriate due to their content or nature, will also be deleted.

Thread Closure
Threads will be closed under any of the following circumstances:

- Off topic - the thread is going off topic, but mostly contains useful information;
- Flame war - the thread is turning into a flame war;
- Purpose fulfilled - the purpose of the thread has been fulfilled - the author's question was answered, the topic has become irrelevant, etc; or
- FAQ Thread - the thread contains answers to frequently asked questions, which do not require further discussion;

Threads which do not fall exactly into one of the above categories, but are deemed to have reached the end of their useful life, may also be closed. In cases where the reason for closure is not immediately obvious, a moderator will normally post a final message explaining the closure.

Moderation Explanations
Please do not start a new thread asking why your last thread was deleted or closed or why your post was hidden. If you want to know why, contact a moderator, but please do not ask the community.

Problems with Mods
If you have a problem with something a moderator has done, and believe they have not done their job properly or abused their power, do not create a thread about it. Please email Rob () and raise your complaint with him directly. He can look into it, and see if there is an issue to be raised or not.
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