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> Digitv V3.7 Released
post Oct 25 2006, 07:37 AM
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Nebula Electronics DigiTV v3.7 has now been released, and is available for download here.

For the best chance that feedback will be seen by the team at Nebula Electronics, please provide any feedback over on the DigiTV Forums, or by emailing Nebula directly: beta@nebula-electronics.com.

DigiTV v3.7 marks a major change in DigiTV functionality, in that DigiTV can now be licenced to work with third party BDA devices (with fully compliant BDA drivers), even if a Nebula Electronics DigiTV tuner device is not present in the PC.

What this means is that people who own third party BDA hardware can trial and purchase DigiTV to work with their hardware if they want.

As part of the new BDA functionality, owners of DigiTV device who also have, or wish to purchase, third party tuners can buy then one or more additional BDA licences to allow other hardware to seemlessly work alongside the DigiTV hardware in the DigiTV application software (though I'd like to think that they'd consider purchasing another piece of DigiTV hardware in that case, due to the high quality tuners and demodulators and amplified antenna pass-through the DigiTV devices!). smile.gif

DigiTV master and slave hardware continues to work as it always has, without the need for any additional licencing (unless you wish to use additional functionality such as the "live TV to your web-browser"/IPTV capability).

Changes since DigiTV v3.5.21 are as follows:
QUOTE ("Enhancements")
Enabled DigiTV to store the new 'BBC HD1' channel (UK Only) as a TV channel.
Enabled DigiTV to store the new 'five HD' channel (UK Only) as a TV channel. ITV HD and Ch4 HD are already correctly assigned.
Added the new High Profile H.264 decoder (additional licence required).
DigiTV will now record individual High Definition programmes in filtered Transport Stream format to allow for playback in a wide variety of 3rd-party H.264 players.
Improved the efficiency of the internal transport stream decoder. This results in less CPU time for decoding TV across all channels, but the improvement is particularly noticable for HD channels (both MPEG2 and H.264).
Improved the picture quality of H.264 High Definition presentations.
Improved the efficiency of the Video buffering engine by moving to MMX and SSE2 (CPU time improvements will be seen for both SD and HD presentations).
EPG programmes are now assimilated from all connected tuners in a multi-tuner system so that the EPG appears much more quickly after startup, and contains information across all received multiplexes.
Added a 'Series Link' function that will intelligently record named programmes that have not been recorded before (ie all programmes in a series, but not repeats).
Added recording times extending out to 1 Week in duration when DigiTV is used in analogue input mode (for time-lapse security camera recording).
Added an audio option to intelligently synthesise multiple channels of audio when fewer audio channels are being transmitted than are available with the current sound setup (eg 2 channel to 3, 4 or 5 channel up-conversion).
Added an 'Dump Teletext as HTML' Button to the Digital text settings page. This generates an HTML page (including graphics) of the current MHEG-5 text scene.
Moved the 'Menu' settings page to now be a sub-page under the heading 'Display' rather than it being a root page in its own right.
Increased the maximum number of scheduled timers to 100.
Added a character string ('Instance_Desc') to the end of the shared memory area that displays the current activity (eg "Tuner 1 - Viewing BBC One", or "Media Player - Idle").
Added a boolean variable ('In_Systray') to the shared memory area to indicate whether the DigiTV application is currently being displayed, or is in the system tray (see Shared memory Access).
Added the characters 0..9 to those available in the GUI Search Recodings/Series Link/EPG screens.
TV/Radio/Teletext channel Windows menus are now displayed in multi-column format to make channel selection easier when many channels are available.
Added options under the 'Deviced Attached' settings dialog to select/deselect tuner hardware so that multiple installed tuners can be made available to other applications to use if required.
Added support for keyboard text entry in the EPG/Recording Search GUI screens for users that prefer to use wireless keyboards in place of the remote control.
Added an option that allows animated sizing of the video window when GUI menus are selected/deselected.
Added a jog up/down option for each entry in the GUI playlist to allow playlist items to be reordered.
Added an 'EPG Search' facility to the GUI to aid in finding the showtimes of a programme when a full or partial programme name is known (new: can be accessed from the remote control by pressing the EPG button twice).
The GUI 'Activity' menu will now highlight the currently active Tuner.
Recording file details are now cached and indexed on disk to allow for immediate access to files for playback when DigiTV starts up. This is useful where there are very many recordings present, as previously considerable time could have been taken up in cataloging the files on startup.
Added BDA compatibility.

QUOTE ("Bug Fixes")
Recordings no longer steal the keyboard focus when launched.
Fixed the reported resolution display for High Level H.264 HDTV streams.
Fixed the reported 'video frames per second' display for the first 5 seconds of viewing.
Stopped the unhandled program exception when stopping the playback of a transport stream recording.
Fixed a problem with the EPG that could cause EPG Display crashing or lost EPG information if DigiTV had been running for 8 hours or more continuously.
Fixed an issue the might cause a program exception when using Digital Teletext on ITV (with their current MHEG-5 programming).
Checks for free disk space are now only made by the active DigiTV instance, and only when a recording is in progress.
Fixed a long-standing bug where video would be shown as corrupted with output from applications such as PVAstrumento or VideoRedo. This bug has been (erroneously) referred to as the 'Odd-Byte-Boundary' bug, but in actuality was simply a case where a PES header length of zero bytes was not handled correctly. This bug would not have been apparent when viewing broadcast or raw recorded content.
Fixed a condition where file handles would be leaked while a recording was being made. This could cause problems if a particularly long recording was requested, or if DigiTV had not been shut down for a long while.
Stopped duplicate EPG entries appearing after a couple of hours operation on the ITV/CH4 Multiplexes (Affected Crystal Palace, but possibly other transmitters too).
The programme length box in the '7-Day Guide' dialog now shows the correct duration for the highlighted programme as soon as the dialog appears.
Pausing a programme while a full-screen menu is being displayed will now result in the TV picture filling the window, rather than being restricted to the upper-right quadrant.
The windows desktop is now restored correctly when returning from 'Video Desktop' mode in a multi-tuner setup.
Pressing the 'Chapter Select' Remote Control button when not in playback mode, now results in the recorded file list being displayed.
The power-down options are now consistent with each other, each now giving the user the choice to continue, cancel or exit the application. v3.7
The 'Always on top' option now works reliably in a multi-tuner environment.
The menu bar (if shown) on the Media Player instance no longer disappears if the window is maximised and then restored.
Problems with multicasting over a wireless network with an access point have largely been removed by dropping the multicast UDP packet size.
Cleaned up issues with scrolling areas on some GUI menus.
Fixed a small but constant memory leak into the Non-Paged (NP) Pool via the 'Tuner 1' instance of DigiTV.
Fixed a problem that would occasionally prevent the status information icon being displayed when downloading EPG information from a web-based EPG server.
Elipsis characters ('...') are now used on long GUI programme descriptions and channel names to prevent them exceeding the size of the display boxes (especially seen in downloaded EPG data for Australia).
Fixed video aspect ratio display for H.264 (Hi Def & Std Def) transmissions.
Fixed aspect ratio selection for analogue video capture.
The application is now much more stable when changing analogue encoding parameters while currently encoding analogue video/audio.
All virtual buttons on the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) display are now accessible from the keyboard/mousewheel.
Scheduled recordings that should have been in progress when DigiTV is started up could create orphan processes recording nothing. This behaviour has been fixed.
When scheduled recordings overlaped (via Pre timer and Post Timer settings) a condition that caused close to 100% CPU usage could be triggered when the recordings were made. This behaviour has been fixed.
A scheduled recordings failure detection mechanism has been implemented so that if for whatever reason a timer recording fails to trigger, then it is automatically retried.
Any change to the recording destination directory is now automatically reflected in the playback search directory list if it is not present.
Fixed a bug that would cause an application crash/hang if changing between AUX and TV modes in the main menu when visualisations were being displayed.
The shared memory interface now holds information for the currently active tuner (rather than just for the 1st tuner found) in a multi-tuner environment.
Navigating around the GUI with a mouse could be problematic on a slow PC with incorrect buttons being actioned because of mouse movement. Interaction is now much more reliable in this case.
Fixed the case where using the GUI EPG, the last programme of the day would show as 0 minutes length in Australia. This also cures the overlapped EPG entry visible just before midnight.
Dragging an MPG file onto the DigiTV desktop icon while DigiTV was already active and recording would stop the recording and re-start DigiTV. The playback now happens without interrupting the recording(s) in progress.
Starting DigiTV with an MPG filename on the command line (to commence playback) could sometimes result in the message "This File Appears To Be An Unsupported Format". This behaviour has been fixed. v3.7
Occasional DigiTV hangs when manipulating recordings from within the GUI on a multi-tuner system have been cured.
Video repaint problems that occur when dragging a window over the top of the DigiTV window with subtitles enabled has been fixed.
A subtitle positioning error (too close to the left-hand side of the screen) visibile in Finland when a 16:9 presentation was viewed in 16:9 format on a 4:3 screen has been fixed.
An audio sampling problem that caused the IPTV (internet) live playback function to sound as though it had been oversampled when decoding for more than 2 audio channels has been fixed.
Re-enabled the IPTV messaging function. v3.7
Fixed the issue that would cause an incorrect channel to be recorded if a timer was set for a radio channel in the 'New Timer' section of the GUI and then DigiTV was restarted before the timer was scheduled to begin.
When playing back very long recordings (> 9.5GB) it would not be possible to seek significantly far into the file by dragging the position slider. This behaviour has been fixed.
If a scheduled recording clash occured because a tuner was unplugged after the timer had been set, a 100% CPU usage could been seen when the timer was due to trigger. This has been fixed.
Filtering multiple identical channels from different transmitters based on highest signal strength now works correctly.
Deleting recordings from the GUI menus could result in an application exception or an apparent failure to delete if very many recordings were present. This has been fixed.
Fixed a problem that would only allow one PCI card in a multi-card installation to be re-initialised after PC hibernation.
When changing channels with DigiTv on the second monitor in a multi-monitor, multi-tuner setup, the DigiTV window could jump across to the other monitor. This behaviour has been fixed.
Duplicate entries will no longer appear under the GUI Recordings menu if there is an implicit overlap in the subdirectories searched.
Fixed a problem that would show as corrupt channel names on the GUI EPG menu of a slave tuner after DigiTV had been running for several hours or more.
Multiple Occurrence timers are now correctly shown for each of their trigger dates on the GUI EPG menu.
Occasionally, the static DVB Radio Picture (if selected) could remain shown when changing from a radio station to a TV station. This has been fixed.
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post Feb 26 2008, 02:46 PM
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Umm they wan't $70aus for TV tuning software that DNTV Live appears to do for $20?
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post May 10 2008, 05:50 PM
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Ahhh.... It's really all a matter of taste.
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post Dec 1 2015, 04:25 PM
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I haven't used my old original USB DigiTv Nebula tuner for a long time.

Can anyone advise if it can handle H.264 broadcasts (for the new HD Channel 9 in Oz) .

Tuners: Leadtek DTV1000T, Leadtek DTV1000S, Nebula USB, Avermedia Twinstar A825 (dual tuner) USB.
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post Dec 8 2015, 10:54 AM
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The tuner itself doesn't care. To it it's all just transport stream packets. The software on the other hand is where all the heavy lifting is done and it will care. At worst to record 9HD you would have to use 3rd party software such as tv scheduler pro.

Looking for an alternative to TV Scheduler Pro? Take a look at dvscheduler for Windows or tvheadend for linux.
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