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Read Me: Trading On Dvbowners.com 

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[size=3][b]Trading Post Rules[/b][/size]

These policies are actively enforced:[list]
[*] The For Sale forum is to be used by private individuals only, who may offer things for sale on an "occasional" basis. [b]It is not for vendors or professional traders. If you are a business and wish to offer a special deal for DVBOwners members, then please contact one of the Admins.[/b]
[*] Maximum of 2 concurrent ACTIVE* (see below for more details) threads.
[*] Do not 'repost' an ACTIVE* (see below for more details) thread within 7 days.
[*] NO SELLING FOR FRIENDS - If you do not own it, you can't sell it!
[*] If you have a stupid thread title (example: ****SALE SALE HOT STUFF*****) it WILL be edited or closed!
[*] If you are selling goods on other sites, please don't offer it for sale here. If you have a thread closed due to this, you are not allowed to re-post for 24hrs if you decide to close the thread on the other site and post solely on this site.
[*] No "Possible Sales" - If it is not for sale right now, don't post it!
[*] Selling OEM Software is Prohibited
[*] Do not start a thread in the For Sale Forum with a link to eBay/Sold/Other site.
[*] No feedback in the threads about members/vendors.
[*] If an administrator edits out an item in your thread, or even if he/she fixes your links, please do not edit out their comments. They were made for a reason, and it's not your place to un-make them. Just leave them be.
[*] If you're not bidding or making a genuine enquiry please do not post.
[*] Try to consolidate all your items in one thread and do not open a new thread for each item
[*] After 30-days, all old Trading Forum threads will be automatically deleted
[*] You must be a member of the Forums for at least 90 days before the Trading Forums are available.
[/list][size=1]Active* Threads - Any sale which is less than 7 days old or has not been completed is considered active. Completed sales should be flagged with [SOLD] or [COMPLETE] added to the title, and reported to the Admin team for locking.[/size]

[size=3][b]Site policies and rules[/b][/size]

No selling new items means you cannot sell any of the following: unused goods, mostly new items, almost new things, refund items from RMA, or items still in their packaging. Opening the package does not count, nor does using it for a few minutes just so you can evade this rule.

[b]Commercial Trading[/b]
This includes bulk sales of multiple items. A couple of items for sale privately is allowed.

[b]Selling for others[/b]
Selling on behalf of other people is not allowed under any circumstances. If they want to sell something they can sign up and observe the 90 day rule.

[b]eBay/Sold/Other site sales[/b]
Links to auctions/sales on other sites such as eBay, Sold, etc are not permitted. If you are selling something, either sell it here, or don't talk about it here.

[size=3][b]Precautions to take when buying/selling.[/b][/size]
[b]Please note: Neither DVBOwners.com nor its owners or administrators play any role in any sales. The following list of precautions are not guidelines, merely a list of things you may, or may not want to do.[/b]

[b]1.[/b] Contact the buyer (or seller) via PM, and ask for their Full name, current address and email, current home phone number, and current mobile telephone number. Ring both, and double check that person exists at both numbers. Cross check the addresses in the white pages and (if possible) match the home phone numbers. Check that the email works. If they are a business, get their ABN and Fax no. too. In a worse case scenario, this info is essential. If the person sounds young, maybe even a parents work no., mobile no., or consent.

If the number is private, it won't be in the white pages. Its up to you then to trust them on their own accord. It's also worth checking if a mobile phone number is pre-paid or on a plan. Pre-paids are usually not liable to give valid details when signing up, people on plans do.

[b]2.[/b] Ask the buyer/seller if they've traded with anyone else before, and get in contact with them to see what they thought of the trader.

[b]3.[/b] If you are the buyer, get the users bank details - Account Name, BSB Number and Account number. If possible, ask for the branch name. It is possible to get the Branch name and location out of the BSB - ring any bank and ask. Cross check this with the address. It IS possible they have made an account in another state, then moved, but again, thats up to you to base on trust. Ring the bank and check the account is valid. Keep all receipt numbers of sent money. Then rectify that money was sent, by asking the seller for the transaction number.

If you are the seller, do not send anything out until the money is in your account and cleared. As simple as it sounds, I've noticed a lot of people have sent goods and not waited for money to clear. Do not send if postage costs are missing, the amount is incorrect or only partially sent. If you need the extra precaution as a seller, ask for their bank details too. Its extra collateral if the case comes down to a scam - the feds or local police will be able to get a lot of information out of a valid bank account. Check with the bank to see if its valid. Gather receipt numbers of sent monies.

If you are really paranoid - Escrow is another choice. Basically, it involves a trusted third party company, which inserts a middle man into the transaction. You send the money and the goods to the escrow, and the escrow sends the money and goods to the appropriate people. If you take this option it might be a fair idea to split the costs between both parties.

[b]4.[/b] If you are selling, pack the goods properly. Nothing is worse then recieving a $400 item in a tiny little plastic bag. Measure the boxes/goods, then get the postage costs. Add on a few bucks, and get some decent bubble wrap and box. Use registered post, since they chuck on insurance for free, keep all reciept no.s and post. If they ask for express post, clarify with them. If they ask for a courier, ask specifically which company. If they offer a tracing service, use it. Basically, make sure you have some sort of insurance or genuine way to back up the delivery. Because if it fails, its your arse. Take responsibility for damaged goods.

If you are buying, make sure you choose a decent type of delivery method to avoid trouble. Avoid normal post at all costs. There is no guarantee you will recieve it, no insurance and up to a weeks wait. Express post is a bit better - its guaranteed next day, they have a small type of tracking system (good luck though), and its only a few dollars more. Registered Post is easily the best service from Auspost - They have up to $100 free insurance (more if you pay a little bit), proper tracking system, and it really doesn't cost that much.

Couriers are different matters. Both can cost quite a hefty fee, depending on how big the goods are and where they are going. Companies like Australia Post, FedEx, Mayne Logistics all offer pickup and deliver to the door services. If your goods MUST arrive at a certain time, date, hour - couriers are the best way to go, if you are willing to pay.

[b]5.[/b] [b][color=#FF0000]If there are any problems - consult the buyer directly FIRST[/color][/b]. Ring them up, send an email, send them a PM. Don't fight about it in the public forums, it brings other people into it and makes it a huge scene. If you have taken all the precautions noted by now, the person would either be a REALLY fantastic scammer, or simply just made a mistake. Rectify everything carefully, and dont hestitate to call the police if weeks pass and you hear nothing. You do not have to sit by and be ripped off.

A useful thing to remember when considering purchasing an item:

[size=3][b][color=#FF0000]If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.[/color][/b][/size]

[size=1]These rules are based on the ones at OCAU. All credit to them. They know what they're doing...[/size]
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